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10 Trending Window Treatments to Improve your Rooms

When it comes to home decoration windows maybe don’t take priority, but if you look at some of the best interior design photos you will find that windows and curtains are essential in making everything else pop out.

window treatments

Sheer styles can add movement to rooms that would otherwise look very minimalist. Panels of velvet can add texture and depth. Blinds can even make an appearance in designs as stylish as bamboo and other natural materials.

There are no window treatments that are one-size-fits-all. The style you choose should be very dependent on the atmosphere, style, and size of your room. Some may work others won’t.

This list is made to help you discover what others have found to work and what may work for you as well.

Window Treatment Types

There are four basic categories of window treatments: shades, blinds, drapes, valances. These all provide the function of blocking sunlight and providing privacy but they differ in their aesthetic value and installation process, for this reason, it’s important to learn the differences between each one before you pick one.


otherwise known as curtains are usually made of fabric and will run the full length of your window or wall. Blinds and shades will fit inside your window frame but drapes hang from a rod installed above your window and can come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors.


Blinds are made to fit inside your window frame and can be identified by horizontal and vertical slats that are made to manually open and close depending on how much light you want to let in.

Cheaper blinds are made of plastic or vinyl, but modern designs have become eco-friendlier, using natural materials, such as bamboo or woven wood.


Very similar to blinds, shades fit inside the window frame and consists of a solid fabric sheet. Shades range from Roman styles to more classic rollers, similarly to blinds they limit sunlight, but shades roll up and down to control this illumination.


Used for decoration these panels of fabric are mounted above your window to hide blind mechanisms, curtain rods, and other hanging hardware.

Window Treatment Materials

There are many materials for window treatment that range in color and texture, among these are wood and silk. They’re also very dynamic and accentuate styles from natural styles to luxurious glam.

Woven Wood

Made of jute grass, bamboo reeds, and other combinations of natural materials. Woven wood has gained popularity due to his eco-friendly nature and opposing plastic, and fabrics.

Woven wood works very well with many styles from farmhouse chic to the California cool.


Very smooth and glossy this type of material is a very popular choice for designers and lovers of the luxurious. Since silk is so lightweight it is very fluid and will surely add movement to your room.


Known for being soft and having a glam look, velvet can add texture and style to a room without being too much over-the-top.


Linen is also very eco-friendly and will last you a long time, offering a good investment to make in your room. Linens can add a very crisp and clean feeling to your room in addition to being lightweight.


When choosing patterned, the material is more of an afterthought and doesn’t matter as much. This style adds a more playful look for your room and improves the depth. Make sure you pay attention to the size of your room so you don’t overwhelm it with your décor.

Window Treatment Trends

There are many popular trends going on right now, and many of them are versatile allowing you to implement them in a variety of different rooms.

This also allows you to think outside the box when integrating these choices to your rooms.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

This technique and design can make your space feel much larger by elongating the wall, the look itself is also very modern looking. It may be helpful to think about your curtains as a kind of wall art.

Small curtains will look silly in this context and that little effort was put into it. Massive curtains can make a strong statement, and are ideal for putting in sliding glass doors.

Sheer styles

There is no need to trade privacy and natural light because you can have both with this style. Sheer curtains allow the sun to shine even when it’s closed, the lightweight and cool colors will add a nice flavor to your room.

Layer Blinds & Curtains

A total on-trend idea is layer blinds & curtains. The best version is white drapes with woven wood shades it will look great anywhere, the bathroom, living room or both. The contrasting color and texture will pop out too.


As with many furniture and home décor, pastels are trending for treatment on windows as well. Soothing blues and peppy yellows are perfect to use.

Woven Wood Shades

The most popular choices for dining rooms and kitchens, the style resonates with traditional Scandinavian styles due to its sleek lines, versatility and natural look.

Jewel Tones and Metallic

These tones feature amethyst purple, turquoise, and sapphire blue along with metallic shades. These colors and styles are rising stars in the window treatment world. Mainly these features fit the sophisticated transitional and glam styles.

Curtains as a Focal point

When your window is positioned well in your living room or bedroom then the framing of the curtains can pull the whole room together. When you use two panels to frame the back of your sofa or your headboard it can be a statement-making look.


Known for its stylish and playful look, they surely add a ton of texture to any room you choose. The most popular version is tasseled drapes spread throughout the house to have makeshift rooms and certain private areas.

Bold Prints

This style is nothing new, it was really popular in the 1970s but many think the prints today are improved with more sophistication. The best room to put this in is a minimalist room or you can layer it with other prints in a large space.

Dark Neutrals

For those that are tired of the same old cream, white, and beige, try some dark neutrals. Charcoal and slate window treatments are modern, dramatic and very chic.