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5 Warning Signs That Your Siding Needs to be Replaced

The siding of your house represents a majority of your house and is very important in the overall curb appeal. Many see the style and color of the siding as representative of the people living there and the amount of pride that they have for their home.

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But the siding also has a much deeper purpose and even more significant function. This main purpose is to protect the interior of the home from dangerous elements, this includes extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, persistent moisture, and damaging insects.

For this reason, proper maintenance is crucial in ensuring the safety of your interior and all of its belongings. You must also learn when it may be necessary to make replacements. If you let the warning signs go by it will then affect the internal walls of the house and structure, forcing you to spend time, energy, and money on a lot more than if you would have done the easy fix.

Here are five signs that your siding may need to be replaced:

Peeling and Cracked Siding

Cracks and chalky textures developing in your siding indicate they may need to be replaced. They may even indicate an even greater problem that lies behind them such as repeated moisture penetration, mold or wood rot.

Chalky substances show that materials that were used while manufacturing the product have broken down in time resulting in the substance. Paint is used as a protecting layer coating against forms of moisture and when that is broken down and gone it means moisture has more than likely seeped behind it and can’t be seen but is still a big problem. In cases like these it is best to check with a professional in determining repair or replacement.

Buckling and Warped Siding

If you look at the side of your house and you can see buckling or warping, this could indicate that the siding needs to be replaced. All these forms came out of moisture that got underneath the panels which rotted the boards and pushes the siding different ways. This demonstrated that the siding is now ineffective.

Mold and Fungus

Seeing fungus and mold creeping onto your siding means you probably have a moisture problem and need a replacement. If this is seen It may also mean mold and fungus are lurking behind your siding as well.

Seam Separation

If you can see the seams between the siding boards coming apart then the siding needs to be replaced. This can come as a result of improper installation, or siding that has been aged over time.

Over time if this is left alone, water and moisture will leak into the walls and damage those materials.

Wallpaper and Paint Peeling

This will occur on the inside of your home and is also the result of water/moisture damage. The peeling will be on the wall closest to the siding with problems, it is recommended to replace the siding fast if this issue is uncovered.