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Learn How to Draft Proof a Door

The drafty door will cost you more money than you might think and make your house more uncomfortable. During the winter time, drafty doors are especially a big problem because it lets in cold air that increases the heating need of your home.

drafty doors

Summer also allows precious cool air to escape and require more energy and money in cooling the house. The cause of most door drafts is due to poor weather-stripping, sometimes gaps between the door frame and the wall will bring about air loss.

Tightly sealing these gaps is very easy and will result in major savings over the course of time.

Other Ways to Draft Proof Your Door

Put in foam weather-stripping gasket tightly around the door frame. Adjust the gasket to fit against the door tightly on the inside when the door is fully closed. Remove the adhesive on the back and stick the gasket in its place, trim the remainders with scissors so that it fits the door.

Look around the sweep at the bottom of the door for possible damage. Door sweeps will usually have a rubber strip attached to the front, or look like a brush strip on the bottom of the door. If these sweeps or bent or broken it will bring in drafts.

Remove the old damaged sweep and screw in a new solid sweep. Make sure the positioning is exactly the same as the old one with no pockets open.

Use some incense smoke to find out where there are possible pockets left in the door frame and use silicone construction caulk in a caulking gun to apply around the door frame. Hold the gun at a 45-degree angle facing the frame and squeeze out an even line of caulk. Allow the caulk to dry for at least 24 hours and check for where the door frame needs reapplication.


  • Door Sweep
  • Foam Weather-stripping
  • Screwdriver
  • Incense Stick
  • Silicone Construction Caulk
  • Caulking Gun

Advice: A wet washcloth will help clean up wet caulk mistakes and dried caulk can be removed with mineral spirits.

Use a tube sock filled with dried rice or beans and lay it all along the bottom threshold of the door. This sock will give you temporary protection from the draft until fixed.