5 Reasons to Get New Windows

new windows

Energy Efficiency

A common way to improve energy efficiency within your home is through the windows. Construction professionals and window experts agree and according to the research done at Residential Windows: A guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance, new windows will reduce your annual heating and cooling costs by 22%.

A recent trend is to make houses energy efficient, and if this is your goal, then you are going to need to handle the windows at some point.

The problem is that window replacing can get pretty expensive but some reports estimate that these replacement projects will have a return on investment of 74%-85%. If your windows are still functioning correctly and don’t have any problems then there may be other pressing things to change in reducing energy costs.

Other things you could do to reduce energy costs are:

Sealing air leaks around your doors and windows, around pipes, recessed lighting fixtures, and in your attic floor.

Add insulation to the attic floor and walls.

Insulating and sealing the ductwork to make sure you aren’t losing air into your basement, crawlspace, or attic.

Security and Safety

You may not always realize it but windows are indeed entry and exit points into your home, if you have windows that aren’t opening or locking correctly then that poses a serious security risk. Here are some things that a burglar might look for when identifying vulnerable windows.

Old windows that are chipped, worn, and in need of paint, this isn’t a hard thing to repair. However, if the window isn’t shutting or is warped then it’s highly recommended you just get a new one.

Breaks and cracks in the glass, rot on window frames, corrosion on metal frames, will weaken the overall strength of the window.

The most important function of a window is to open and close properly, especially if there’s an emergency you need to be able to get out fast if that is your only escape option.

Older homes have the greatest issue with windows since most of them are old, the most common problem is that windows aren’t able to stay open and are instead propped up. This runs the risk that it will accidentally fall on something under it and cause serious damage or injury.


Sometimes people just want a refreshing new look, even if they aren’t selling the house, they just want an appealing sight when they look outside isn’t an eyesore. Many surveys have been done on this topic and confirmed it such as Empire today.

What can you learn from this study? It indicates that it’s a great time to invest in your home especially in the case that you want to stay in it for many more years. It’s important that you feel comfortable in the home you live in and a key part of that is enjoying the aesthetics and making sure they reflect you and your family accurately.

Getting replacement windows is a great way to improve the look of your house. Designers have reported that sliding glass doors, clean lines, expansive glass, and black windows are among the most popular for homeowners. These trends could be good suggestions to follow and swap out your current grid-lined windows with windows that have fewer grids. Popular window styles right now and growing are casements, picture, and awning windows.

Another reason for new windows is if you are trying to take your home back to its original vintage style look. You are going to need classically styled windows to match the look of restoration projects. Some may suggest to just get the older windows but windows now can match the look and also be energy efficient.


Windows having defects are one of the most important markers to indicate that you need to replace your windows. Surveys and research show that many people in the south have started home improvement projects solely for the reason that some things reached the end of its effectiveness and thus was replaced. Here we have some symptoms to check for when deciding if your windows are defective and need to be replaced.

Drafty Windows: All windows will have a little draftiness but the real problem is noticeable draftiness and even rattling. A quick fix for this could be to seal the air leaks with some caulk or weather-stripping, however, this is not a permanent solution.

Water Intrusion: Water pooling around your windows could have a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious ways to tell if the issue is with the window itself is seeing a visible leak where the window sash meets the jamb or on the window frame itself. There are fixes to this but too much water will eventually lead to wood rot. A small temporary solution is to replace the weather-stripping and some advance repairs involve replacing part of the wall before you even touch the window. It’s very important to identify this problem before it starts to snowball.

Rot and Cracks: Several problems can stem from cracks in your window frame, the severity of this depends on how big the crack is and how long it’s been in the frame before it’s been repaired. Problems include air leaks, letting in small insects, and leaking water.

When you can see windows cracking visibly it means the strength of your window is weakening, in time moisture will start to seep into the frame and cause rotting from the inside. You can repair a little bit of wood rot but when the frame is too soft then you need to replace them.

Condensation: When your windows start to get foggy it usually means that condensation is trapped within them. This is especially a problem when you have double triple pane windows, you may hear it referred to as “blown” windows. This happens when windows expand and contract at different points in the weather and the seals between the glass panels start to fail. The problem with this fogging and condensation is that the glass is no longer working at its top thermal performance and is leaking heat or cool air to the outside world. You could temporarily replace the glass but the real issue is from the frame which caused the glass to fail.


Many people choose to replace their windows at the very tail end of their suggested lifespan. Window sellers always say that windows should be replaced after 10-15 years, however, this is just a number and every window is different. Technology is improving the energy efficiency of windows and many are living past their lifespan.

There are many ways to increase the lifespan of your window past 10-15 years, it all comes down to proper maintenance.

Many windows are marketed as saying they are maintenance free or minimal maintenance required, your windows will always need some maintenance and diagnosing. Proper upkeep starts with regular cleaning to avoid build up and this also helps you spot any other problems before needing to replace the whole thing.